CS-2910 Network Protocols

Dr. Mark Sebern -- Fall quarter 2014-2015

Lab 1: Wireshark installation and experimentation

Revised: 7 September 2014


Wireshark is a "packet sniffer" that supports logging and analysis of network traffic. In this course, we will use it as a tool to learn about network protocols and to find and fix problems with network applications, like using an oscilloscope to study the behavior of an electronic circuit.


This is a team project; you may not do it individually. Teams should normally be two members; with prior instructor permission, a team may have three members.


Prepare a brief text report named "CS2910-username1-username2{-username3}-Lab1.md.txt", where "usernameN" is the MSOE email username (e.g., "smithj") of a team member. Team member username must appear in the file name in alphabetical order.

Download and use this template file to prepare your team report, renaming it as explained above and filling in the specified information:

In case you are curious, the template file uses Markdown syntax in a plain-text file. More information is available by following this link.

One team member should submit your report by uploading to the CS-2910-031 Submissions folder on box.msoe.edu. If you have questions about this process, consult the instructor well in advance of the submission deadline.

Please follow these submission instructions exactly, including details of the filename, or your submission may be rejected, resulting in a "F" grade.