Dr. Mark Sebern

General Course Policies

Assignment submission

It is expected that program assignments, reports, and other materials will be submitted by the assigned deadline.

Failure to follow all submission instructions will result in a grade penalty or rejection of your submission.


Exam formats will be announced in advance, and may include:

Some exams may require a calculator. You are responsible for providing your own.

You are responsible for the legibility of your exam responses. You may be penalized if your submission is not clearly readable.

No make-up exams will be given. With a valid prior excuse, a grade may be calculated by omitting a missed exam.


Students are expected to act in a professional manner in all matters related to the course. Deceptive practices of any sort are unacceptable. Some examples of deceptive practices, in a course involving programming, would be submitting source code that does not run correctly without identifying known problems, or fabricating output files that were not actually produced by the submitted software.

Plagiarism in any form is not acceptable. Note that copying is not necessarily plagiarism; engineers copy good ideas from many sources all the time (subject to ethical and legal constraints). If you do copy something, you must give credit to the source (e.g., article, book, web URL, fellow student); also, be sure you understand anything that you copy, as you will be responsible for it.

Individual assignments (homework, lab projects, etc.) are to be your own work. This does not mean that you cannot discuss ideas and approaches with other students or faculty, but the final product must be yours alone. If you have any question as to what types of cooperation are acceptable, please consult the instructor.


Teamwork is an important part of engineering, but this means that every team member must cooperate and contribute. Although some team members may have specific talents (e.g., report writing), it is expected that over time all members will participate in all roles.

When group work is assigned, all team members will generally be judged on the common result, though different grades may be assigned to members of the same team.

Any breakdown in team functioning should be brought to the attention of management (the instructor), if attempts to remedy the situation have failed. For major group activities, each team member will be asked to submit an evaluation of all members of the team.


Attendance in class is expected. If you decide to drop out of the course, it is your responsibility to notify the registrar yourself. Unless otherwise noted for a particular course, the instructor will not drop you for missing class. If you stop coming to class without notifying the registrar that you are dropping the course, it is likely that you will receive an "F" grade.

Attendance in lab is mandatory. Students who miss lab or leave early, without submitting a complete lab report first or being excused, will be penalized. It is expected that students will use lab time wisely (e.g., complete the assignment before using lab time for activities not directly related to the course).


You are responsible for announcements or assignments made in class or lab. You should periodically check the web pages associated with the course. If an email list (listserv) or course management system entry has been established for the course, you are also responsible for announcements made in these contexts.