SE-2832 Introduction to Software Verification

Dr. Mark Sebern -- Spring quarter 2013-2014

Lab 5

Revised: 10 April 2014


This lab was developed by Dr. Walt Schilling; all errors in its adaptation are the responsibility of the instructor.


In this lab, you will work in a small team (2-3 members) to implement and test (using input domain modeling) software for calculating the date for a future dental appointment. You may not do this lab by yourself.

Background information

The scheduling of dentist appointments must be often be done in compliance with insurance company rules. Normal, healthy adults, are permitted routine cleaning visits twice per year. Diabetics can visit more often, up to 4 times per year for regular cleanings.

Lab Assignment

In this lab, you are to construct a class that will be part of a larger system. This "schedule calculator" class will determine when the next dental visit can be scheduled, based on the current date and a condition code indicating whether the patient is "normal", diabetic, or high risk.

Divide your team into two parts (1-1 or 1-2):

Since date calculations can be complex, it is recommended that you use an external tool to determine your dates for testing purposes. For example, Excel has extensive date manipulation capabilities, and can be used to verify date offsets.

Assignment submission (due by 11:59PM CDT, Tuesday, April 15)

Prepare a PDF report (named "SE2832-username1-username2-username3-Lab5.pdf" (using dashes, not underscores, with the specified capitalization), where each "usernameN" is the lowercase MSOE email username of a team member) on your lab experience, including:

If you have any questions, consult the instructor.