SE-4910i Mobile Application Development -- iOS

Dr. Mark Sebern -- Spring quarter 2014-2015

Lab 1

Revised: 7 March 2015

Lab assignment

In this lab, you will build and run (on the Xcode simulator) the simple iOS Welcome App described in Chapter 2 of the textbook.


Submission (due Thursday, 12 March 2105, at 10PM)

Prepare a brief report named "" (where "username" is your MSOE email username) by editing the sample report template: se4910i-samplereport-lab1.txt.

You can view the processed sample report:

This file is in Markdown format. While we will try to stick to this basic definition of Markdown, there are a number of other versions, including:

To install MultiMarkdown (command-line version) on your own Mac or Windows machine:

You may prepare your report in OS X TextEdit or other editor. Use of a Windows text editor may insert CRLF line terminators (rather than only the LF used on OS X and Linux/BSD), which is a minor annoyance for the instructor.

Ask the instructor if you have questions.

Submit your (properly named) report file by uploading it to the se4910i-2015 folder on (You should have received an "uploader" invitation email for that folder.)