SE-4910i Mobile Application Development -- iOS

Dr. Mark Sebern -- Spring quarter 2014-2015


Revised: 1 April 2015


The purpose of this project is to explore the technology and process of developing an iOS (iPhone or iPad) application.

This is a team assignment (2-n members); it may not be done as an individual.

Proposal (due 11:00 PM CDT, Friday, April 10, 2015)

Start by identifying your proposed team membership and developing some project ideas. You may propose more than one project, and later choose which one to pursue.

Prepare a PDF-format proposal named "SE4910i-username1-username2-username3-Proposal.pdf":

  1. Identify your team members
  2. Describe the (or each) application, target audience, and value to that audience.
  3. List existing iOS applications (see iTunes Store or web) that address the same audience/market.
  4. List the iOS technologies and frameworks that would be applicable.
  5. List your own (collective) knowledge, experience, and background factors that qualify you to design and implement the application.
  6. List the things you would need to learn (technologies, domain knowledge, market issues, etc.) in order to successfully develop such an application.

Your proposal will be evaluated on:

One team member should submit your (properly named) proposal file by uploading it to the se4910i-2015 folder on

Final project report (due 11:59 PM CDT, Tuesday, May 19, 2015)

Prepare a PDF-format report named "SE4910i-username1-username2-username3-Project.pdf" containing:

Assemble your project materials into a ZIP archive named "" Upload it to the se4910i-2015 folder on

Final project presentation

Prepare a brief (5-8 minute) presentation on the the highlights of your final report. If practical, include a demonstration of your product. The primary audience will be other SE-4910i students, though others may be invited.